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Currently we do not work criminal law or cases involving the City of Seattle as a defendant .

About Us


Certified Forensic Photographer with the International Association for Identification in all aspects of Forensic Imaging 


Trained at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA as a Professional Forensic Photographer 


Over 24 years of Forensic Photography Experience with a large metropolitan police agency

What We Do

Injury Photography

Injuries can be short term in duration such as swelling, bruising or 1st degree burns. Other injuries can be life altering and result in scaring, disfiguration and amputation.

Professional images depict the size, shape, color, depth & dimensionality of the injury. There is a huge difference between an amateur photograph and a professional image. Juries react more favorably to a sharp detailed image than to a simple washed-out flat image. It is important to use a trained injury photographer for this type of documentation.

Product Failure

Products can fail in numerous ways and cause serious injury or death. When this happens, it is critical to photographically document what has occurred and what damage has resulted from the failure. Product failure photography requires extensive knowledge, leave it to us to capture the detailed images you require.

Construction Defect

Construction Defects can cause long term damage, catastrophic failure and even injury or death.

It is important to properly document the issues involved in the construction process and any defects or problems associated with them. Issues can occur at anytime during construction or post construction.

You can't rely on simple Point and shoot images to document the true nature of the issues.

Forensic Imaging

This is scientific & technical imaging requiring knowledge of sensors, lenses, filtration, the use of highly specialized lighting sources including Infrared, Ultraviolet,  Discrete frequencies and Lasers. We pride ourselves on documenting thousands of items of forensic evidence over the years and stand ready to bring out the maximum amount of detail from any item needing to be forensically documented.

Specialized Services

Crime Scenes,  Accident Scenes,  Hazardous Conditions,  Documents,  Property Damage, Macro Photography, Aerial Photography and much more.

When you need a unique item or scene documented in a fair and accurate way by an experienced  professional, you need to call

 Paladin Forensic Imaging Services.

Often jury awards are determined by the quality of the demonstrative evidence being shown, Don't settle for less, when the best documentation is available. 

Specialized Photography Training

Forensic Imaging is a highly specialized form of legal imaging documentation unknown to most photographers. Learn how to capture and reproduce images that will depict the subject matter you are photographing with exceptional accuracy and impact. 

Using specialized techniques and equipment found in the world of forensic imaging, you will learn to document injuries, evidence and scenes to be use in investigations and a court of law. 


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